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Carriacou Fantastic Adventure!

Carriacou The BeginningCarriacou 201809

Carriacou seemed like it could be a fantastic location for a dive adventure!  Rather than Toucan Dive’s normal excursions into Cozumel, Roatan, Bahamas and others, this location seemed to hold promise of something new and different.  I heard of the Isle of Carriacou over […]

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Cozumel 2017 Photos & Video

Cozumel – The island Yields Its Bounty  Toucan Dive Cozumel 2017

Cozumel 2018 Wall Flying Tour was fantastic this go round!  Not only had the weather cooperated, but the visibility and water temps exceeded our wildest expectations!  October and November can be difficult as the island goes into winter.  Not […]

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Cayman Brac Dive Attack 2017 Photos

Cayman Brac  The Island Cayman Brac Dive Attack 2017

“The Brac” is how most divers fondly speak of Cayman Brac.  A limestone outcrop  rises steadily along the length of the island up to 141 ft above sea level at the eastern end. The island is named after this prominent feature, as […]

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