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Egypt Red Sea Nile River Tour 2020

Egypt Land Of AntiquityEgypt.pyramids

Egypt, its very name conjures up images in our imagination as a time of the Pharaohs!  Pyramids, burial chambers, and vast temple complexes lie along the green, rich Nile River Delta.  In comparison, the stark barren region beyond lie severe mountain ranges.  In contrast […]

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Cozumel Wall Flying Tour 2019



Cozumel  Fantastic Diving!

The Palancar barrier reef is the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world!  Amazingly, this barrier reef starts in Cozumel and goes south through Central America.  The reefs are spectacular! That and the fantastic fish life is one of the biggest draws to coming to Cozumel.  There […]

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Paradise Midwest – Bonne Terre Mine

A True Paradise For Divers!   bonne.terre.mine.paradise

Bonne Terre Mine is one of the most  unusual of all diving destinations in the Midwest.   Divers seek out this paradise in the winter and spring!!  Amazingly, divers come from all over the world to visit Bonne Terre.  From Poland, Russia, Europe, these […]

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“Fiji Me” Tour 2019 – Paradise Awaits

Fantastic Fiji!Fiji Taveuni Reef Diving

Fiji, known for its beautiful, swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches has incredible aqua marine blue water, teeming with life!  These are truly islands for adventure!   Created by volcanic activity, Fiji is a group of more than 300 islands that lie in the South […]

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Statia – Diving A Rich Cultural Heritage

statiaStatia A Diverse Underwater Paradise

Statia is the commonly used name of the island known St. Eustasius.  Amazingly, this little island is rarely chosen as a dive destination.  However, Statia has much to offer the well traveled diver.  First of all, the habitats are diverse!  Divers can enjoy walls, […]

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Bonne Terre – Mining For Incredible Experiences

Incredible Adventures  Bonne Terre Mine a winter paradise

Bonne Terre Mine is one of the most  unusual of all diving destinations.  Though the mine hasn’t produced lead or silver, since 1962, a wealth of treasure awaits you!  This treasure is the incredible experiences divers receive there!  Even now, the mine delivers, and […]

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Wreck Dive The Graveyard Of The Atlantic 2018

wreck diving North carolinaWreck Diving The Outer Banks Of North Carolina

Wreck diving is a passion for many scuba divers!  A wreck can hold the key to many secrets as to why it lies beneath the surface.  Fellow diving sleuths peruse these time capsules that go back in the […]

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