A True Paradise For Divers!   bonne.terre.mine.paradise

Bonne Terre Mine is one of the most  unusual of all diving destinations in the Midwest.   Divers seek out this paradise in the winter and spring!!  Amazingly, divers come from all over the world to visit Bonne Terre.  From Poland, Russia, Europe, these divers transverse continents to get to this awesome dive destination.  In contrast, nowhere else in the world will you find anything like Bonne Terre Mine. The mine is known as the Billion Gallon Lake Resort.   Likely, it is one of the world’s largest man made caverns.  

Bonne Terre Mine sports an incredible 17 miles of navigable shore line.  Likewise, the 500,000 watts of stadium lighting helps divers navigate.   National Geographic calls Bonne Terre Mine “One of America’s Top 10 Greatest Adventures!” In contrast to the Caribbean, traveling by car, Toucan Dive can arrive in Bonne Terre in 6 hours. 

Bonne Terre Mine – Diving Conditions

Bonne Terre Mine has an underground dock.  On this, the staff fills the cylinders with air for the tours.  However, enriched air must be requested in advance. Wooden benches for gearing up, make it easy for divers.  Space underneath to store items in dry bags allows us to keep our dry things dry.  Ultimately, divemasters direct where we as divers go.   Following our dive group, another divemaster will bring up the rear. 

Interestingly, unlike other midwest destinations, 100 ft. of visibility can be expected here!  The air temperature is 65 degrees, and the water temps are 58 degrees year round.   Divers need to have a 7mm wetsuit, or drysuit with hood and gloves to be truly comfortable diving here.  Apart from other local quarries, The mine avails many attractions!    To be sure, elevators, locomotives, mining carts, jackhammers, buildings, and much, much more will be seen here.   Truly, a paradise for divers!

The Particulars

The dates are Saturday and Sunday, December 14th & 15th.  The price of $265.00 includes 2 dive tours on Saturday, and 1 dive tour on Sunday morning.  Accommodations for Friday and Saturday night can be made at the Super 8 at Bonne Terre, MO. at Ph.# (573) 358-5888.  Last date for signup and deposits is November 17th.  Call Toucan Dive for further information at (847) 356-7826.