Meg Tooth Dive Trip Information Party July 9th

//Meg Tooth Dive Trip Information Party July 9th

Meg Tooth Dive Trip Information Party July 9th

meg.tooth.Cooper.RiverTreasure Diving For Meg Teeth

Meg or should I say megalodon teeth are quite a find for divers.  You can look all you want around our area in the Midwest but I don’t think you’re going to have much luck finding them.  In contrast, the South Carolina Cooper River, well, that’s quite another story!  From time to time, Toucan Dive needs to make a run to South Carolina for their wonderful, finger licking good barbeque ribs, and meg teeth!

Cooper River Diving

Short and wide, the Cooper River is considered a tidal river that ebbs and flows from Charleston Harbor to Lake Moultree.  Further away from Charleston, the river becomes an estuary.   Diving the Cooper River has its challenges, however, the payoff are the wonderful finds that lie below.  The amazing megalodon teeth!  Conversely, there are other interesting finds on the bottom of the Cooper as well.  Littering the bottom, a diver may find Civil War antiquities, ancient, indian arrowheads and spearheads.  We’ve seen many types of fossils of many types of prehistoric life including teeth from the giant woolly mammoth!

Meg Trip Information Party Particulars

Toucan Dive will be hosting the Meg Trip Information Party on Tuesday, July 9th at 6:30 PM.  The purpose of the get together is to find out if we have a group of adventurers large enough to make the trip work.  Learn the ins and outs of diving the Cooper River from the veterans of previous trips.  See some of the fabulous finds that these divers brought back from their adventure!  The trip dates are August 27th – 29th.  The final pricing has yet to be established.  All the final details will be made available at the upcoming info party.


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