Wreck diving in Lake Michigan is some the best diving in the world. These shipwrecks from the early 1800’s through recent times remain wonderfully preserved due to the cool waters of the Great Lakes. Their close proximity to the Illinois, Wisconsin coast, is due, in part, to the growth of Chicago as a port of commerce in the Midwest. From the beginning of the 19th century, forward, cargo bound for the Midwest had to work its way from the east coast by ship to Chicago. Today, the schooners and steamers that make Lake Michigan their permanent home, allow the onlooker a glimpse into a time capsule of what life was all about, at an earlier time. We, as divers, are the fortunate few to be able to visit these awesome relics.

In order to really appreciate Lake Michigan shipwrecks, divers must be properly prepared for this type of diving. Good training, equipment, and proper exposure protection are critical to be comfortable, diving in Lake Michigan.

Toucan’s Lake Michigan Dive Charters

Our shipwreck charters are divided into two categories: Beginner Wreck and Intermediate Wreck. Beginner Wreck will allow newer, wreck divers the opportunity to try wreck diving in shallower depths to help them get comfortable diving wrecks, and build confidence. Intermediate Wreck is for those divers with more deep water training, and equipment redundancy for greater depths. Either way, Lake Michigan shipwrecks offers excitement to all divers.

2019 Charter Schedule

Toucan Dive’s 2019 schedule with Go Deep aboard the Alena.

  • Saturday May 11-AM  Intermediate Wreck
  • Saturday June 15-AM  Beginner Wreck
  • Saturday June 29-AM   Intermediate Wreck
  • Saturday July 27-AM   Intermediate Wreck
  • Sunday Aug. 24- AM   Intermediate Wreck
  • Saturday Sept. 07-AM   Beginner Wreck
  • Saturday Sept. 28-AM   Intermediate Wreck
  • Sunday Oct. 19-AM   Intermediate Wreck

Limited space available on charters. Contact us at Toucan Dive for additional information and to make reservations.

Charter Rates

Two boat dives $125 per diver. Includes the charter boat, the captain, and staff. All equipment including weights and tanks must be provided by the diver. GoDeep’s charter boat – Alena – is a 6-pack, which means no more than six divers. These wreck charters will fill up fast, so lock in your spots now!

Lake Michigan Dive Charters