Indonesia Cambodia 2018 Trip Of A Lifetime

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Indonesia Cambodia 2018 Trip Of A Lifetime

Indonesia Cambodia Fantastic Travel Destination Indonesia.Cambodia.2018

Indonesia and Cambodia both elicit fantastic images of the silk trade hundreds of years ago.  Little did they know then, but we know now, that these destinations are amazing locales for diving and touring.  Toucan Dive and the flock of 36 divers trekked to the opposite side of the world to experience these wonderful places!

Indonesia.Cambodia.2018Diving Indonesia

Diving, of course, was our primary objective.  We were not disappointed what we found.  Three separate resorts on the island of Sulawesi Indonesia was our home.  Deep walls and turtles abound in Manado’s Bunaken Marine Sanctuary.  The incredible coral reefs of the island of Bangka assaulted our senses.  Small critters, and nudibranch populated the sandy bottom of the island of Lembeh.  With plenty of diving on this adventure, our bodies were warmed by the 80 degree water!  Areas of sand in the shallows offered 100 degree plus hot spring water, percolating up from below.  It was very nice!

Mantis shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish, and  scorpion fish of every type and color surrounded us on most dives.  Beautiful soft corals and sponges impressed even the most seasoned of our divers.  Disco clams, feeding sea cucumbers, and Pegasus sea moths hid as best as possible from our inquisitive eyes.  We found a truly diver’s paradise!  With so much to see, photograph and video, it’s easy to see why I will need to make more videos.  There is simply too much stimuli to present just one or two videos of this memorable dive destination.  So more to come, fans!

Cambodia, A Jewel In The Crown Of Our Adventure Indonesia.Cambodia.2018

Cambodia, our last stop, surprised our divers with all the fabulous activities provided. We watched Ankara dancers over dinner on our first evening in Siam Reap.  The following morning Angkor Wat, ancient ruins twelve hundred years old, provided hours of touring.  Riding elephants along the different temples allowed some respite from such an exhausting yet exhilarating day of touring.  Riding tuktuks, small carriages propelled by a small scooter reprieved many on the way back to our hotel.  

Our final evening out, cruising around the city of Siam Reap on scooters, remains deep in our collective memories.  Stopping by eating establishments for appetizers and beverages  along our route, led us to the market place.  It was here that many had their fill dining on crickets, beetles, tree frogs, and quail ( head and all!!!) Only the most heartiest of appetites chose balute.  Balut is a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell.  Other than spitting out a few feathers with each bite, most survived the incident! Though we didn’t dive in Cambodia like Indonesia, the cultural experience there truly affected all of us.  It was a wonderful and amazing conclusion to a spectacular adventure!  Check out the video and photos of our exciting trip of a lifetime below!


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