Fun Day At Pearl Lake, Saturday July 20th!

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Fun Day At Pearl Lake, Saturday July 20th!

Fun Day At Pearl Lake

Fun And Good Times!

Fun Day at Pearl Lake is an awwweesome way to start off your dive season!   It’s a wonderful place to get certified, but it is a great place to practice and hone your skills as a certified diver!  With all the different platforms, and all the diving attractions, you can never get bored diving there! 

Unlike the rest of the lake, Toucan Dive likes to use the Toucan Beach on the north side of the lake.  It is here, where we have some unique attractions!   Dive the school bus, and the cabin cruiser!   Practice your peak performance buoyancy   on our new buoyancy course!   Do a giant stride entry off of the topside pontoon boat!   Dive the new wreck that’s just been sunk this year for divers!  Clearly, Toucan Beach is the only place on Pearl lake that has a double decker platform.  This start off point allows the diver to compose himself before starting a dive.  Compared to other parts of Pearl Lake, Toucan Beach is a virtual Disneyland of fun!

Pearl Lake Fun – How’s The Visibility

The visibility for Pearl Lake can be incredible! However, it can range from 60 ft down to occasionally, about 5 ft depending on the water conditions and runoff when it rains.  It can help if certified divers stay away from where new students are learning their buoyancy skills.  The bottom certainly can be kicked up as they manage their buoyancy.  However, you can take lemons and make lemonade!  Use the limited visibility to work on traveling with instrumentation and compass skills!  These skills will make you a better diver!  The Fun Day at Pearl Lake is the opportunity to come play and get better with you dive skills!

Honestly, over the past couple of years, the viz has been incredible!  Some days the visibility has been in excess of 100 ft! 

Half Price Gear Rental And Free Air Fills For The Event

The price for Fun Day at Pearl Lake is free!  This includes the free barbeque and the fun!   Also, all gear rental for the event will be 1/2 price and free air fills for the day!  This is RSVP, so please stop by and get on the signup sheet or phone at (847) 356-7826 and let us know your joining us!  The Pearl Lake entry fee for the day is $20.00.  This is fantastic time to come out and start your diving season on a high note!  Hope to see you there!

Map To Pearl Lake


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