Diving is all about comfort and safety. With you own, properly fitted dive equipment you are more comfortable in the water, you are safer because you know how each piece of your own gear works. Your dive equipment is a very important investment in your diving and deserves proper maintenance to ensure optimal function for years to come.

While you are adding to your diving system, Toucan Dive can help you fill out the missing pieces with equipment from our store. Weights, weight belts, BCDs, ADSs and more! We work with a variety of top scuba manufactures to ensure you have access to high-quality gear that is comfortable and works for you.

When should I buy my own dive equipment?

Owning your own dive gear has many advantages. As a beginning Open Water certification student, you can speed your learning curve and progress quickly into the open-water environment by purchasing and using a basic dive equipment package: regulator and BCD in addition to mask, snorkel, and fins. Learning how to scuba dive involves a lot more than learning how to breathe through a regulator underwater. You learn the art of buoyancy control, the subtleties of swimming and streamlining, and a host of other skills. Acquiring these skills quickly and comfortably has a lot to do with the equipment you use in training. If the BCD is too small, you will struggle with it, which interferes with your learning. Fit and comfort are the prime criteria in selecting most items of dive gear, and in achieving maximum safety and pleasure underwater. The best way to ensure that your gear fits correctly and comfortable is to wear your own.

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